Bay Area Parkinson's Symposium at Elevate

We had a blast hosting the first Parkinson’s Symposium at Elevate Performance last weekend! Our goal was to introduce or review simple and effective strategies for reducing the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease (PD), preventing progression of PD and/or onset of PD, and provide ideas for new ways to complement the commonly known therapeutic interventions.

We started with mindfulness, meditation and focus with Keith Erickson. Visit Keith’s website to learn more information about his teachings as well as about his personal battle with PD:

Nadine Waeghe, PT ATC reviewed tips for self-management and environmental contributors to disease progression. The cool demonstration about NeuroFeedback technology that helps with balance and function piqued quite a lot of interest. The company is called VOXX HPT and they are based out of Canada - check out to learn more!

Dr. LeTa Jussila shared a bit of history about our Endo-Cannabinoid System and how we produce powerful cannabinoids ourselves. She also gave us an overview of how to detect if a cannabinoid deficiency may present and then how to safely supplement for it through the phyto-cannabinoids found predominately in the Cannabis / Hemp plant.

Here is a short clip on the effect of cannabis with a Parkinson's patient:
Visit our website with tons more information about the CBG/CBD products: or contact us directly.

Ranya Anabtawi led us through a mini Chair Yoga session. If you are interested in private lessons or attending one of Ranya's yoga classes throughout the peninsula you can contact her directly: Yoga by Ranya - or

Mary Bai finished our "lecture" schedule with a great presentation about her specialty skill of muscle rebalancing. Mary is an excellent therapist and she has taken a keen interest in PD and other neurodegenerative conditions. Learn more about Mary's work and research at :

We finished the symposium with a short demonstration of our Delay the Disease exercise class - starting next week, we will be launching an 8-week program for people with Parkinson's. Stay tuned for more information about the program and how to sign up!