Have you ever considered thinking outside the box and INSIDE the cell? What if you were to find the ROOT CAUSE

of illness at the most fundamental level?

Understand the latest scientific breakthroughs in cellular function and gene activation. Discover how to practically

apply these principles to your family, friends and patients. Cutting Edge Technology for cellular health has arrived.

Be BOLD and take the opportunity to get ahead of the curve!

The principles of real-life applications & health implications will be revealed. A panel of medical, health &

wellness experts will share successful clinical outcomes & positive patient experiences through

incorporation of cellular-level strategies into their practice.

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Dr. Gary Samuelson, PhD, Medical & Atomic Physics an award-winning research scientist, author & visionary will

share his breakthrough research on Redox Signaling Molecules. His book, The Science of Healing Revealed: New

Insights into Redox Signaling helps anyone gain a better perspective and understanding of the complex science

behind redox molecules.The book will be offered to attendees either as a package deal (only $20 with admission!),

or for full price at the event.

Check out a quick breakdown of the redox science below. Join us to learn how YOU can use this to your advantage.