Video analysis of biomechanics is a great tool for evaluating and teaching a person about their unique movement patterns.  We have been using this tool for years to help identify areas of inefficiency, imbalance and risk for injury.  Although helpful, it is limited in its ability to quantify the movement and the qualification of movement is based on the education and experience of the analyst.  Incorporating the use of wireless sensors to stream exact angles, speed, and direction of movement can eliminate these limitations of video analysis.  Our team uses the data to accurately assess risk of injury, guide training programs and help determine when it is safe to return to activity after injury rehabilitation.

DorsaVi is a new, powerful wireless sensor technology that measures human movement in real-time. The wearable motion and muscle activity sensors record data at 200 frames per second, and intuitive software turns rough data into easy-to-interpret results. The program modules available allow us to evaluate your biomechanics and quality of movement with running, functional movement testing, knee control with athletic skills, and low back in fundamental movement patterns.