WEARABLE EMG - ATHOS Compression Garments

Muscles contract and function through neurological input from the brain.  Essentially we run (literally) on electricity.  Electromyography (EMG) is the diagnostic technology used to determine if a muscle has neurological function and to what extent the muscle is “firing” or activated.  In the medical world EMG testing is expensive and extensive with data that is not always immediately useful.  In the sports world, EMG testing was only available to professional and elite athletes because of the expense, limited access and difficulty to use.  ATHOS technology has taken surface EMG sensors and put them into training garments!   Through the data collected from the garments, we use personalized, real-time data to help you train harder and smarter.  This technology helps us offer insights on muscle intensity, muscle balance, and heart rate to help you train like never before.

ATHOS compression garments, available in shorts (for men) or capris (for women), contain seamlessly integrated, non-adhesive EMG (muscle activity) and Heart Rate sensors. By connecting to the app on your iOs device, you can see, in Live View, exactly which muscles are firing and how much you’re exerting yourself. The app allows us to provide you an individualized exercise training program to follow, while we track progress, set benchmarks, and advance your program – completely remotely or together in person.

Source: https://youtu.be/Zbtc-unamZs