Will EPPT Bill my Health Insurance Company? 

EPPT does NOT invoice, bill or file claims with third parties. EPPT does not accept third party payment including but not limited to Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance companies, and auto insurance companies, unless pre-arranged in advance of treatment. Enrollment in a health plan or eligibility for health plan benefits (if applicable) will not condition whether or not service is rendered nor the total fee due upon service. EPPT is considered an “out of network” provider that provides services which may or may not be financially covered by your health / auto insurance. By accepting services rendered, you accept the fee associated with the specific service(s) received. Understand that you are responsible for payment to EPPT REGARDLESS of your health or auto insurance benefits. It is your choice and your responsibility to file a reimbursement claim to your insurance carrier if you wish to apply the services received by EPPT to your insurance benefits. Upon request, EPPT will provide a detailed receipt of payment that includes appropriate coding required on a claim by most health insurance companies.

Why doesn’t EPPT accept Health Insurance Payment?

We believe the current healthcare system in the United States is broken. We believe that health insurance companies are part of the problem, not the solution.  We believe that the client/patient in cooperation with the healthcare provider should make decisions regarding the best treatment plan for addressing the health concern of the client/patient. Removing restrictions enforced by insurance reimbursement policy, we are able to work with you, the client/patient, to ensure you receive the best possible and most appropriate service to meet your needs. By eliminating communication with and responsibility to the health insurance company, we are able to keep our administrative costs to a minimum. This translates to a smaller fee to you the client by comparison to other providers who have to increase their service fees to accommodate the administrative overhead required in dealing with health insurance companies. Our staff is highly skilled with extensive training to become experts in our fields and therefore should be compensated fairly for their service. Health insurance companies are not concerned with your health or your future, their only concern is the bottom dollar and will always look to devalue any and all services to their clients. We disagree. Our staff actually cares about you, our client, and we invest our time and energy into your health and future. We believe the services we provide are valuable to you and worth the personal investment in your health.