About Us

Elevate Performance & Physical Therapy is a specialty clinic focused on performance enhancement, injury prevention and optimal health maintenance. Elevate is owned and operated by Nadine Waeghe, a physical therapist and certified athletic trainer with over 20 years of experience. At Elevate we take an integrative approach that combines the knowledge and skills of various healthcare, wellness, sport sciences, and fitness disciplines. We understand that the human body is a complex organism that functions via intricate relationships among the physiological systems which operate at a cellular level. A detailed history and comprehensive, functional assessment to determine safety and efficiency of movement provide the basis for specific recommendations ranging from simple exercises to movement or technique modification to reduce strain on vulnerable tissues, reduce energy expenditure through efficiency of movement, and improve performance. Of course the Elevate Team also treats injuries or musculoskeletal conditions and provide comprehensive rehabilitation service from initial injury through return to sport at an optimal performance level.  

Our Team

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Nadine Waeghe PT, ATC

Nadine graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Hillsdale College and Master of Physical Therapy degree from Emory University. She furthered her education through Michigan State University’s CME Osteopathic Manual Therapy program and countless continued education courses in a variety of specialties. Nadine is considered an expert in Biomechanics, Footwear Design, Sport-Specific Rehabilitation, Sport Mechanics Analysis, Therapeutic Taping, and Manual Therapy. Nadine has provided sports medicine services for athletes at large urban and suburban high schools, NCAA Division I, II, & III colleges, the US Olympic Training Center, Special Olympics, and the WTA as well as many other professional, amateur and recreational sporting organizations and events. Beyond sports, Nadine has outpatient orthopedic clinical and inpatient spinal cord injury rehabilitation experiences.

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Aly Bilash, CMT

The “Jill of all Trades” Aly Bilash, BS Kin, has recently received her Certified Massage Therapist degree and is expanding her schedule to accept new clients as she continues to provide administrative services here at Elevate. She has also completed several educational courses on Kinesio taping, Gua-Sha, cupping and functional musculoskeletal anatomy to add to her skill set. You can also contact Aly for assistance with scheduling, SCENAR usage, and billing. In case you didn’t know, Aly is a former high-level figure skater (and coach) and Korean Reality TV Star.